The Mode Lounge


I love seeing Boise grow. My vision is for The Mode Lounge to be a part of Boise’s evolution.   Russell Crawforth

Old and new come together at The Mode Lounge in the heart of downtown Boise.

Vintage pendant lights and 1940’s neon and Art Deco touches illuminate the rich past of our city while we concoct classic cocktails with modern flourishes.

At The Mode Lounge vintage cocktails play counterpoint to the newest methods for crafting a drink. House-made ingredients—bitters, syrups, tinctures, sodas, vermouth, and more—ensure total quality control. And we select the freshest fruits, herbs, and juices to mix with our premium liquor selection.

The Mode Lounge is a superb destination for people who like to drink.

Visit us at the corner of 8th and Idaho Streets in downtown Boise. Or reach us at 208.342.MODE and